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Equilibrium with Swords

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Elena Tveleneva is a fourth-generation of actors of Russian circus. “The children of the sawdust”, is said about people of that kind, although there are no sawdust by now: all modern arenas are covered by synthetics very long ago. From little up Elena appears on stage to gladden hearts of spectators with her performances.
Original number “Equilibrium with Swords” performed by Elena Tveleneva years ago, earned love of audience from many countries of the world. During years of performances in different sites of circuses and varieties of the world, styles and stagings were varying, but high professionalism and sensuality of execution remain invariable.
Easiness and gracefulness of execution, assembled with arduous tricks of this show, would become an embellishment of any festive event.

Presenting you the new staging of show “Equilibrium with Swords”.
Beautiful costume, magical music and smooth moves of the dance won't leave indifferent
even subtlest spectator.