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Olga & Andrew

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Olga Bondarenko (vocals, piano) & Andrey Ibragimov (piano)

National Musical Academy of Ukraine
Work experience:
Work at cruise ship of Ukrainian cruise company (2005-2006)
Work in restaurants and bars in Ukraine: Jazz club “Jazz do it”, “Double Bass”, restaurant “Mandarin” (2006-2008)

Work in China, Shenzhen:
Huaxia Art Center “Show Elements” (October 2008-April 2010), artists, musical performers
Restaurant “Dream garden”, work as duo pianist and singer
OCT Portofino “Sale house” work as 2 pianists
Lowenburg bar (May 2010-July 2010),
Beijing work in “Westin hotel” (lobby), Sep-Oct 2010 with a band
Work in hotels, bars, corporate shows, gigs across China (Oct 2010-Dec 2010)
Marco Polo hotel in Shenzhen (Jan –Mar 2011), jazz trio performance

Work in China, Xiamen Marco Polo hotel as jazz duo (May 2012- Aug 2012)

Work in bars, restaurants in Ukraine (since March 2011), performers

Cultural educational center “Master class” in Kiev as music teachers (Mar 2011-Apr 2012)
(Sep 2012 –now)

Musical styles: jazz, blues, pop, country, latino, bossa nova, classical, Chinese